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Commercial Stainless Steel Gas Range (4-Burners) And Lava Grill Commercial Stainless Steel Gas Range (4-Burners) And Lava Grill


Commercial Stainless Steel Gas Range (4-Burners) And Lava Grill

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Introducing our revolutionary gas stove, a culinary masterpiece engineered for exceptional performance. Experience precise heat control, sleek design, and effortless cooking. Elevate your kitchen with our game-changing gas stove.
  • GH-799-1

  • GreenCooker

Power Source:
Item Name Dimension(mm) Volt Power N/W G/W
Gas Ranges 700*750*480mm gas 81600BTU/Hr 80 90

  1. Precision Cooking Zones: Our gas stove offers precision cooking zones, allowing you to adjust heat levels with precision for perfect results every time.

  2. Smart Sensor Technology: Equipped with advanced smart sensor technology, our gas stove automatically detects cookware size and adjusts the flame accordingly, optimizing energy efficiency.

  3. Integrated Air Purification: Breathe easy while cooking. Our gas stove features an integrated air purification system that removes smoke, odors, and harmful gases, creating a healthier kitchen environment.

  4. Intuitive Touch Control Panel: Easily navigate through cooking modes, timer settings, and temperature adjustments with our gas stove's intuitive touch control panel, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.

  5. Energy-Saving Mode: Conserve energy without compromising performance. Activate the energy-saving mode on our gas stove, which intelligently adjusts heat output to minimize energy consumption.

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