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Stainless Steel Bread Electric Commercial Kitchen Industrial Convection Ovens Stainless Steel Bread Electric Commercial Kitchen Industrial Convection Ovens


Stainless Steel Bread Electric Commercial Kitchen Industrial Convection Ovens

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Get your meats rolling in the heat with this compact, powerful & heavy duty Basket Rotisserie which can fit 8-12 birds! This kitchen equipment boasts of its Huge Energy Savings and Stainless Steel Housing, which helps you accomplish your job in no time. It also uses a heavy duty 100W motor for rotation, and has a front and back toughened glass for safety.
This is a fast selling purchase for any prospective restaurant or café owner who operates a medium to large establishment.
  • KG-102S

  • GreenCooker


Stainless Steel Bread Electric  Commercial Kitchen Industrial Convection Ovens

Product description:

  1. Made of superior stainless steel, our well-bulit commercial pizza oven is certain to endure a long-term use. The large capacity of double-layer accommodates at least two pizzas

  2. Our electric pizza oven is equipped with 3 thermostat dials to individually control the top and bottom temp. 122-662℃ adjustable temperature meets your needs for cooking different ingredients. The time setting knob of this pizza cone machine allows up to 60 minutes for satisfying different cooking tasks.

  3. The pizza oven has a power of 100 watts, and each layer includes multiple U-shaped heating tubes. The upper and lower heating tubes can perform 350°heating, providing sufficient and even heat to achieve a perfectly balanced baking effect in 15 - 20 minutes. Pizzas cook fast with no need to preheat.

  4. We provide you with a double-layer electric pizza oven with interior lighting and a viewing window. The explosion-proof glass is adopted to quickly check the cooking status. Plus, other considerate design details are also integrated, such as dense emission holes for fast heat dissipation; an insulated plastic handle for secure operation; and 4 non-slip feet to keep the machine stable.

  5. Our pizza oven indoor is perfect for home and business use. Not only designed for restaurants, bakeries, and snack bars, it is also suitable for private usages such as family activities and home clubs. It can be used for cooking pizza, subs, pretzels, baked dishes, and various foods like potatoes, bread, cakes, pies, pastries, etc.

Product description:

Item Name Model No. Dimension Features Power
Gas Bakery oven KG-102S 134*87*66cm 1 layer, 2 trays 100W

Product images:

commercial ovencommercial oven


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