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2 Decks Commercial Bread Pizza Oven 2 Decks Commercial Bread Pizza Oven


2 Decks Commercial Bread Pizza Oven

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Oven Fuel:  Gas or electric
Processing Technology: Sheet metal
Max temp. on Working space: 500℃
Warm-up time: 15mins roughly
  • KG-204L

  • GreenCooker


Oven Features

1.Pizza oven with Stainless steel and coated plate combine together.

2.Big scale visual transparent window, easy to control baking status.

3.Quality insulation material, effectively reduce the wastage.

4.Independent control panel for each layer, evenly heating

5.Equipped with over-temperature shutdown protection and alarm devices.

6.Easy to operating this baking oven, best choice for kitchen & bakery shops.

Model Item Voltage(V) Power(KW) N.W.(KG) Dimension(mm) Tray Size(mm)
KG-101S 1-Deck 1-Tray Gas Oven 220V 50Hz 0.06 40 1000*650*550 400*600
KG-102S 1-Deck 2-Tray Gas Oven 220V 50Hz 0.1 50 1340*870*660 400*600
KG-204S 2-Deck 4-Tray Gas Oven 220V 50Hz 0.2 110 1200*800*1250 400*600
KG-306S 3-Deck 6-Tray Gas Oven 220V 50Hz 0.3 152 1340*870*1710 400*600
KG-309L 3-Deck 9-Tray Gas Oven 220V 50Hz 0.3 220 1770*870*1710 400*600

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