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Wholesale Commercial Bakery Oven for Baking Wholesale Commercial Bakery Oven for Baking


Wholesale Commercial Bakery Oven for Baking

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3 deck commercial tray bakery oven for bakeries, each deck can be 2 trays or 3 trays, even 1 tray. Convenient adjustable control temperature range from 0 ℃ to 400℃.
  • KG-309L

  • GreenCooker

     industry baking oven            commercial baking oven

Available for LNG or PNG

The oven's fire pipe is made of high grade seamless steel pipe. Adavance pulse type ignition system and flame monitioring system

Quality material inside

Inside the bakery oven, liner material use aluminum plate, but other type of material for option.

Oven Features: 

  1. Big space for baking; 

  2. No matter electric oven or gas oven, all of them can easy heating evenly in every corner;

  3. Instant temperature displayed in the digital panel to make operator control the   temperature;

  4. Oven heating system update can be done, like turn it into stone oven, steam oven.


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