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Luxury Gas Deck Oven Luxury Gas Deck Oven
Luxury Gas Deck Oven Luxury Gas Deck Oven


Luxury Gas Deck Oven

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Luxury Gas Deck Oven use Microcomputer control, accurate temperature control, 12 kinds of baking product data storage function with time alarm system, light function, simple and easy to operate.

Big glass door, double layer insulation panel, more intuitive to check the baking products. All these quality material provide bakery oven produce environment smell bread. Besides, the bakery oven Unique design of the fire tube, the combustion will be more complete and temperature rise will be faster;

The bakery chamber oven use advanced aluminum coated steel which unique fire regulation function to ensure that color of baked product is uniform;

Double safety gas solenoid valve, anti-leakage alarm protection high energy pulse ignition monitoring system. Make sure the gas deck oven absolute safety of the product during use.


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