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Commercial Large Indoor Counter Top Electric 1-Tank Fryer(1-Basket) Commercial Large Indoor Counter Top Electric 1-Tank Fryer(1-Basket)


Commercial Large Indoor Counter Top Electric 1-Tank Fryer(1-Basket)

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This oil-conserving electric floor fryer is designed to make frying up your favorite foods more efficient and more cost-effective, by using less oil and making oil management easier on your staff! Oil is one of the top contributing factors to the cost of fryer ownership - your fryer will always need it and the bigger the frypot, the more expensive buying oil will be. But with this unit's smart technology, you can get more use out of your frying oil and save on your bottom line!
  • DF-903

  • GreenCooker

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Filtering the oil at regular intervals is one of the best ways to reduce oil costs, and this fryer helps with that by using a fully automatic filtration system built into the cabinet. Flexible filter reminders can be set by a global or individual product count, and only one frypot filters at a time to reduce the risk of oil spills and worker injury.

The FQ4000 easyTouch control set gives you access to nearly every aspect of the cooking and oil management process through an intuitive touchscreen menu that guides users through key functions like cooking, filtering, oil disposal, and boil out. The result is a consistent and higher-quality finished product, and with the ability to save images to recipes and organize them by day part menus, employees of all skill levels can make your menu of fried foods with minimal training. It also operates the automatic top-off feature, and it will prompt you when it's time to run a filtration cycle too.

The stainless steel design of the frypots, doors, and cabinet sides provides added durability where it's needed most. Adjustable 6" casters make it easy to account for minor variations in floor slope and keep your unit level, and it requires a 220V, 1 phase electrical connection. A cord is provided but it must be hard-wired, a plug is not included.



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