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What Pizza Oven Machine Consist Of

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The Bakery Oven Equipment has mainly 2 different types as per the power engine different: Gas or Electricity. And it usually consist of 4 parts: External shell, Heater pipe, Control panel and Liner.

  • External shell:

The mainly material of bakery oven surface is stainless steel. The higher class of stainless steel, the more expensive of oven. Most of factories use 201# or 304#, few of supplies use 316#.


  • Heater pipe:

Heater pipe is most key component of bakery oven, if it has problem, pizza oven commercial can not work. The pipe material has several types as per cost: stainless steel pipe, titanium alloy and some supplier use copper pipe.


  • Control panel:

Usually manufacture will supply several type for option: Standard(means every function in oven machine need manual), Memory function, Touch screen and Multi function. From my view, standard plus memory function is the best for Bakery Oven Equipment.


  • Liner:

The liner material will affect food hygiene and health: galvanized <aluminizing<non-stick coating <stainless steel <enamel ceramic (non-coated). So enamel ceramic is the best for pizza oven liner.

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