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What Is Commercial Proofer

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The commercial bread proofing box is an electric heating product that designed according to the principles and requirements of bread fermentation. The proof machine utilizes electric heating tubes to heat the water in the water tray inside the box through a temperature control circuit, creating the most suitable fermentation environment with a relative humidity of 80~85% and a temperature of 35℃~40℃. It helps with easy shaping dough and safe and reliable to use. It is an indispensable supporting commercial bakery equipment for improving the quality of bread production.

The commercial kitchen proofer is a box-type structure with a spacious glass window for users to observe the fermentation of bread. Besides, proofer machine equipped with movable stainless steel round bars as shelves, which can be folded and disassembled at will, making it convenient for users to ferment products of different specifications.

As the name suggests, the commercial proofing box is used for the fermentation of bread, toast, hamburgers, French baguettes and other bread products before entering the bakery oven. In addition, there are many specifications of this cabinet in the baking market: single-door 11-tray fermentation box, single-door 14-tray fermentation box, double-door 22-tray fermentation box, double-door 28-tray fermentation box.

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