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Some Operation Tips for Commercial Bread Oven

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  1. Before turn on the commercial bread oven, it should take some time to check the condition of equipment. Like wiring, button, control panel etc. And cleaning should do it as well.

  2. After cleaning, the bakery deck oven equipment can start its one day's work.But before baking any food, it needs to be preheated to the specified temperature. Usually takes about 10 minutes to preheat the oven. But if the oven is heated too long with empty. it may also affect the service life of the oven.

  3. Be careful of the heat when oven working to avoid burns. In addition to the high temperature inside, the outer shell and glass door are also very hot, so be careful when opening or closing the oven door to avoid getting burned by the glass door.

  4. Clean pastry oven is must do it after completely the work every time. It is better use wet cloth to cleaning the cake oven inside and outside first, then use dry cloth do it same work. If you encounter dirt that is difficult to remove, you can gently wipe it off with dish soap.

  5. The commercial bread oven must be placed in a ventilated place that air flowing. Don't place it too close to the wall to facilitate heat dissipation. And it is best not to place the oven near a water source, because the overall temperature of the oven is very high when it is working, and if it comes into contact with water, it will cause a temperature difference.

Now you know how to use the bread oven properply?

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