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New Technology about Oven

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One chinese company named Haier has obtained a newly technology and it is called "Steam Oven" as per media report. The good news is the technology will spread on commercial oven and other kitchen equipment.

This technology aiming to solve the problem that existing steam oven door locks cannot effectively dissipate heat.

For this purpose, a steam oven of the present invention includes a box body; an inner tank, which is arranged in the box body, and a cavity is formed between the inner tank and the box body; a door lock, which is arranged in the cavity; and an air guide. The cover is arranged in the cavity. The air outlet of the air guide cover is provided with a groove for accommodating the door lock. The door lock is located in the groove. The side wall of the groove is provided with a heat sink connected with the inside of the air guide cover. hole; the output end of the fan is connected to the air inlet of the air guide hood, so that when the fan is running, a negative pressure is formed in the cavity, and the hot air around the door lock enters the air guide hood through the heat dissipation hole and passes from the air guide hood. The air outlet is discharged to the outside of the box. The door lock is dissipated through the air duct cooling system of the steam oven, which can quickly discharge the hot air in the door lock from the heat dissipation holes, improving the heat dissipation effect of the door lock.

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